Vanuatu. Where to go? What to see? What to do? Bryan Webb, an Assembly of God missionary and the author of two fantastic memoirs, ‘Hungry Devils’ and ‘The Sons of Cannibals’, gives his recommendations.

Stay at Ranpator

Ranpator is an amazing village on the west coast of Pentecost. The water is brilliantly clear, the sunsets are spectacular, the people are warm and friendly, and the food is amazing. It is a place where you can completely unplug – no Wi-Fi, no electricity, and no distractions.

Swim in the Man Pool and the Woman Pool Waterfalls on Santo

There are thousands of waterfalls on Santo. My favorite is hidden deep in the bush and far from all commercial tourism. To get there look for a transport headed to Big Bay at the Unity Store. Once you get to Unguru, hike up to the village of White Grass and ask Chief Robert to give you a guide to the waterfalls. It will be about an hour and a half walk total so be sure and pack drinking water and a lunch. There is no more beautiful place to swim and picnic in Santo. As a bonus, you will be swimming under waterfalls that only a handful of outsiders have ever seen.

Spend the day at Champaign Beach

Anyone who has ever been to Santo will tell you to visit Champaign Beach. It is simply the most beautiful beach in the South Pacific. Sadly, I see lots of tourists who only budget an hour or so at this great beach. Trust me, it’s worth a full day. Pack a lunch or plan on walking to one of the nearby bungalows for a simple meal.


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