Pacific Islands. Where to go? What to see? What to do? Gwenda Cornell, the author of an amazing memoir called ‘Pacific Odyssey’, gives her recommendations.

Visit The Marquesas Islands

In my opinion these are the most beautiful islands in the Pacific. I did not visit them during that first voyage as we dipped south via Easter Island, Pitcairn and Mangareva on the way to Tahiti. I have visited them on several occasions since both by air and by boat. Their rugged peaks and lush vegetation cannot be surpassed anywhere in the world. Make sure to take some walks inland and discover old tikis and maraes among the tropical forest.

Visit Tuvalu

The islands of Tuvalu were one of our favourite places, but they are now one of those places threatened by rising sea waters and have much changed. But still try and see them before they disappear completely.

Visit islands that do not have airstrips

If you are sailing in the Pacific any of the islands that do not have an airstrip or have little communications with the outside world are the most interesting to visit. Often because they get few visitors they always extend a warm welcome to those who make the effort to get there. Make sure you have something you can give in return, whether it is some gift or a service if you have some special qualifications. It might just be repairing a broken outboard engine or supplying some needed medicines. The northern Cook Islands, parts of Vanuatu or the Trobriand islands are some of such places.


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