Guam. Where to go? What to see? What to do? Tanya Taimanglo, a well-known Chamorro author of such books as ‘Attitude 13: A Daughter of Guam’s Collection of Short Stories’ and ‘Secret Shopper’, gives her recommendations.

Visit the Sirena Statue

Located in the capital of Guam, Hagåtña, it is the embodiment of the legend I am most fond of. I mention it in the first short story of my collection, ‘Resurfacing’. I also have a children’s book I released in 2010 dedicated to this mermaid legend, with illustrations by my brother, Sonny Chargualaf.

Visit Inarajan

A good friend, mentor and renowned artist on Guam, Judy Selk Flores has dedicated herself to restoring and maintaining Chamorro Culture. She created a History Center formerly known as the G. Flores store. She has nurtured its restoration and culture ebbs and flows there now. There is also a wonderful cultural tour I want to experience, called Gef Pa’go Cultural Village. Visiting the southern part of the island will never disappoint.

Spend Wednesday at the Chamorro Village

The night market in the heart of Hagåtña is a Mecca of culture. Food, art and dancing. I’ve been able to attend in the past, and can’t wait to see how it’s grown.



  1. Inarajan! I need to go there. 🙂

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